About us

Changing the world, one smile at a time

The Dentaround Difference

We believe that the decision to get dental care abroad is made easier with the right people by your side. Having the drive, skills and knowledge to make this journey a unique experience, we guide you to proven dentistry while taking care of travel in dental.

Searching for the people we can trust to look after you at the highest standard, we have personally vetted every clinic, stay, and restaurant on our offer. We nurture lasting relationships with the best local dental clinics and hospitality partners that share our mission.

No two patients are alike, and our unique approach, driven by a heartfelt passion for people, focuses entirely on your dental, emotional and comfort needs. Thanks to it and our good nose for excellent dental care, we're proud to craft exceptional dental tourism experiences to help you experience transformational travel differently.

Our unique approach
From connecting you to our selection of individually vetted dental clinics and accommodations to crafting your dental travel experience from scratch, we're right by your side throughout every step of your journey.

Changing people’s lives through exceptional personal service, uncompromising standards for quality, and a dedicated commitment to making the most of your dental treatment abroad is our goal. We might be dreamers, but this goal is at the heart of everything we do.

Excelling at all times

From the first contact to the final ‘smile’ photo, we make your life easier, every way we can, every step of the way.

Exceptional service

Unbeatable all-around support, we go out of our way to ensure a dental experience, unlike anything you've ever imagined.

Changing people’s lives

Is the driving force of everything we do, the very core of our company culture and the essence of who we are.

The Dentaround difference

  • Expert Knowledge We guide you to verified dental care that meets and exceeds dentistry
  • Tailored Solutions We assist you with a full range of services designed around your needs
  • Unbeatable Support We're there for you in person, right beside you, every step of your journey

Our commitment to the environment

We believe that travel can be a changing force for good. Our efforts to protect and conserve our world fall under two simple approaches: act responsibly and create a positive effect. 

The first is our commitment to improving the sustainability of our operations and day-to-day tasks. The second approach focuses on initiatives that leave the right impact, like the projects developed by our non-profit partner Green Balkans, dedicated to conserving rare species and habitats.