A simple guide to treatment costs at home and overseas

Select your country below to compare the average private dental fees and how much you can save with Dentaround on your dental treatment. 

Note that the prices will differ from practice to practice.

United KingdomSTARTING FROM£50
Dental Implant Consultation
United KingdomSTARTING FROM£60
3D Cone Beam CT Scan (full mouth)
United KingdomSTARTING FROM£200
Dental Implant (incl. implant, abutment and PFM crown)
United KingdomSTARTING FROM£2 600
Bulgaria STARTING FROM£980
Savings£1 620
Dental Implant (incl. implant, abutment and Zirconia crown)
United KingdomSTARTING FROM£2 800
Bulgaria STARTING FROM£1 045
Savings£1 755
Oral Surgery
Sinus Lift (per side)
United KingdomSTARTING FROM£1 800
Bulgaria STARTING FROM£300
Savings£1 500
Bone Graft (per 1 cm3)
United KingdomSTARTING FROM£1 200
Bulgaria STARTING FROM£250
Simple Extraction
United KingdomSTARTING FROM£220
Wisdom Tooth Extraction
United KingdomSTARTING FROM£240
Full Solutions
Bar Supported Overdenture (on 4 implants) (per arch)
United KingdomSTARTING FROM£9 000
Bulgaria STARTING FROM£4 200
Savings£4 800
All-on-4 (Zirconia bridge on 4 implants) (per arch)
United KingdomSTARTING FROM£15 500
Bulgaria STARTING FROM£7 400
Savings£8 100
All-on-6 (Zirconia bridge on 6 implants) (per arch)
United KingdomSTARTING FROM£17 500
Bulgaria STARTING FROM£8 200
Savings£9 300
Cosmetic Dentistry
Porcelain Fused To Metal Crown
United KingdomSTARTING FROM£600
Bulgaria STARTING FROM£220
Zirconia Crown
United KingdomSTARTING FROM£700
Bulgaria STARTING FROM£330
Porcelain Crown
United KingdomSTARTING FROM£930
Bulgaria STARTING FROM£350
Composite Veneer
United KingdomSTARTING FROM£475
Bulgaria STARTING FROM£280
Zirconia Veneer
United KingdomSTARTING FROM£930
Bulgaria STARTING FROM£370
Porcelain Veneer
United KingdomSTARTING FROM£900
Bulgaria STARTING FROM£450
Composite Bonding (per tooth)
United KingdomSTARTING FROM£350
Bulgaria STARTING FROM£110
Professional Teeth Whitening
United KingdomSTARTING FROM£640
Bulgaria STARTING FROM£250
Root Canal Treatment (per canal)
United KingdomSTARTING FROM£450
Bulgaria STARTING FROM£100
Composite Filling (1 surface)
United KingdomSTARTING FROM£90
Composite Filling (3/4 surfaces)
United KingdomSTARTING FROM£190
Bulgaria STARTING FROM£100
Treatment plan
Can I get my free preliminary treatment plan without a dental X-ray?-+
To plan and tailor your initial treatment plan with cost estimates, your dentist needs at the least a panoramic X-ray of your teeth (made in the last twelve months). If you decide to progress, the next step will be to visit the clinic of your choice for one-to-one consultation and diagnosis. Your dental tourism coordinator will book you in for your initial consultation and plan your visit.
I don’t have an X-ray. Can I still get a treatment plan with cost estimates?-+
Yes! Here at Dentaround, we’ve designed the Meet Your Dentist package for those willing to jump on the plane, meet their dental team of choice and receive an accurate treatment plan from the get-go. We see it as the best way to get to know your dentist and us while receiving your tailored treatment and travel plans. This package includes everything to make an informed decision about your dental treatment abroad. See it here.
Can I speak to the dentist before travelling to Bulgaria?-+
Absolutely, and we highly encourage that. The patient-dentist relationship is at the core of every successful treatment. Should you have any questions regarding your treatment plan, you'll have the chance to chat with your dentist of choice and address any concerns.
How do I know if I can trust the dental specialists?-+
Bulgaria is part of the European Union, and as such, it commits to following the common EU standards and regulations set to ensure safety and quality performance. Furthermore, all dental clinics and dental practitioners in Bulgaria are audited yearly and serve according to national accreditation criteria.

As required by law, all transactions and obligations related to dental tourism are under the responsibility of the Ministry of Health. Our partnering clinics are accredited by the Ministry of Health, adhering to the national standards of quality and hygiene.
Will the dentists speak fluent English?-+
Fluent English is a must-have skill in every partnering clinic. Further, you'll find that some of the practitioners are also fluent in German and Russian. For your absolute clarity and peace of mind, we can always arrange a translator.
How many visits are involved?-+
The number of visits depends on the complexity of your case and planned treatment. You’ll need at least one for veneers, two for a single dental implant and implant-supported dentures and three for All-on-4, All-on-6 or implant-supported bridges.

A consultation at the clinic is necessary before your treatment commences. The one-to-one assessment is free of charge if you decide to proceed with the treatment. Your dentist will inform you of your options, confirm the preliminary plan cost estimates, time scales, healing time and the number of visits.

Many people prefer flying for the consultation and move with the treatment on the same visit (five to eight working days). Alternatively, you can return at a later date to start your treatment.
How are your prices affordable while keeping the treatments top-grade?-+
It's no secret that Bulgaria ranks amongst the countries with the lowest living cost in the European Union. The exchange rates also play a role when it comes to treatment costs. In any case, the affordability of the dental treatment is at no expense to the quality of work or materials.
Guarantees & Aftercare
Will treatments come with a guarantee and aftercare?-+
The guarantee policy is one of the main aspects to consider when choosing a dental clinic abroad. All dentists serving in Bulgaria must have professional liability insurance. In case of any medical error or malpractice, the patient is compensated by insurance. Beyond that, our partnering clinics have a complex guarantee policy with a focus on dental implant aftercare. To learn about each dental clinic guarantee policy for the various dental solutions, head over to its page or drop us a line.
What happens if something goes wrong with my dental treatment?-+
Dental practitioners in Bulgaria must have occupational obligation insurance. The patient is compensated by insurance in case of any error or malpractice.
What can I do if complications occur abroad or back home?-+
Complications are unlikely to happen, but rarely, such arise even if the treatment was on the mark. Should you experience any issues, we encourage you to contact us immediately, and we'll help you find the best solution for your problem.
How often do I need to check up on my dental implants? Can I visit my local dentist?-+
Your new teeth need as much attention and care as your natural teeth. Dentists recommend checkups and cleanings every six months after your initial treatment. Regular visits to the dentist can diagnose an issue early and prevent future complications. You can choose to have your routine examination at your local dentist or visit us here in Bulgaria.
Other common questions
What services does Dentaround offer?-+
Please see our Services page for details.
What’s a typical patient journey?-+
Please see our How It Works page for details.
How do you select your partnering clinics?-+
At Dentaround, we genuinely care about our client's health and safety. For this reason, we've developed a list of requirements that every dental clinic we partner with has to meet. Learn more in our blog article.