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Driven by a genuine passion for people, we're committed to making a real difference for you and our partners. With being the first, great responsibility comes. To ensure the best dental experience for you, we've set criteria that every clinic on our offer has to meet. That introduces you to a handful but carefully selected clinics to find the right one for you.

Defining the criteria

We've developed several unique data points to assess the quality of a dental team and clinic, including – experience, qualifications and accreditations, scientific and educational activity, spoken languages, pricing, guarantees and aftercare, before and after cases, patient reviews, technology and equipment, as well as service quality.  

To start, we assign each criterion a value by importance and raw score to calculate the weighted score of a dental clinic. The weight of each criterion is defined based on what patients value most.

Then comes the raw score, which shows the individual performance of the clinic and its team for that specific criterion. We then multiply the weight by the raw score to calculate the weighted score.

Finally, we sum up the results, and voilà here is the total weighted score.  

The scoring model at a glance

We aim only for the best, so to feature a dental clinic in our portfolio, it needs a minimum weighted score of 50, like our incredible partners in Burgas, Plovdiv and Varna.

The criteria at a glance

1. Qualifications

To define dentist qualification, we take into account his education and specializations. Dentistry is constantly evolving. For a dentist to better suit patient needs and deliver the best and latest treatment options, he has to be a lifelong learner. 

2. Years of experience

Your health, treatment success and emotional comfort are our priority, so we look for skilled and human-centred dentists. They can provide you with the closest to natural lasting solutions with understanding and compassion.

3. Professional achievements and awards

Specialists continuously raising the bar and improving standards in dentistry create art. The Dentistry Awards held across the globe recognize excellence in this field. We're looking precisely for these talented professionals.

4. Memberships

Dentists with national and international memberships get access to the latest scientific information, professional resources, continuing education, and networking opportunities, staying at the forefront of the dental industry. 

5. Scientific and educational activity

Another factor we like to consider is whether a dentist contributes to the world's dental community through publications in scientific journals or via teachings and training in the area he represents best.

6. Spoken languages

The language barrier is the quickest to fix with a translator on site. However, we're on the go for dentists with outstanding communicative skills in English who will adeptly explain the available treatment options for your case and answer any questions you have.

7. Guarantees and aftercare

Committed to connecting you with the highest standard of dental care available today, we're looking for clinics and teams that offer the kind of dentistry that lasts for a lifetime. Our partners stand behind your smile and their work. 

8. Pricing

Introducing you to the finest dental care in Bulgaria is one goal, but making sure that you get it at a fair price is another story. We believe that everyone deserves access to quality dental care that is affordable. 

9. Technology and equipment

Dental clinics investing in the latest technology can offer you more precise diagnoses with in-house 3D or X-ray equipment, faster, efficient dental care and less painful treatments. 

10. Service quality

Our selection is of experts and clinics that provide you with the highest quality of service. We measure different criteria before, during and after your treatment and consider appointment availability, responsiveness, communication, payment options, and patient reviews to define service quality.

Final words  

The smile of your dreams does not need a Hollywood-sized budget, years of planning or compromises with quality. Based on criteria that are important to you, we search and select the highest standards of verified dentistry to make your dream a reality. 

Our service goes well beyond helping you find the right dental team and clinic. So, when you book with us, the first thing you can pack is peace of mind and then confidence. We know how to create life-changing dental experiences that make a difference. Start yours here.

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