7 things that make Burgas perfect for your dental holiday

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If you've ever thought about having dental treatment abroad, then it's highly likely that you've stumbled onto one of the hurdles rather quickly: where? 

What might at first seem like a minor issue, just selecting a dental clinic and destination, can quickly turn into an overwhelming headache. Proper research and time allotment are crucial to ensure that you are satisfied with your treatment results. 

While you may have already looked at multiple possible locations for your dental holiday, we'd like to bring to your attention another destination that you may very well wish to consider: the city of Burgas. 

Here's our top list of things that make Burgas a year-round mecca for dental tourism:

1. Good access

Nestled in the heart of the eponymous Bay of Burgas on the western coast of the Black Sea, Burgas boasts many factors making it an ideal destination for dental tourism. For starters, accessibility. 

When one seeks dental care abroad, it's to save money on the treatment without sacrificing quality. However, if the destination isn't easily accessible, what gets saved from procedures can easily be lost in travel and lodging fees, making the initial point of the trip senseless. 

Burgas Airport, the second-largest airport in the country, situated just 10 km from the centre, connects the city to various locations around the globe. While during the winter there's only one flight connecting Burgas to the UK, through to London, the city, like many other coastal ones, truly opens up after the cold, offering seasonal flights to and from Liverpool, Birmingham, Doncaster, Manchester, Bristol, Newcastle, Glasgow and Cardiff. 

2. Cheap direct flights 

As with any airline travel, pre-booking your ticket is often the way to go, but even if purchasing one at the last minute, it'll be unlikely to find round-trip tickets over €200, with standard prices ranging between €70 and €150 in the offseason. 


3. Renowned dental clinics 

But getting to and from the city is only the beginning. The real heart of any dental holiday is the dental procedures you wish to have. With a quality of work of the highest standards and with dozen dental clinics in the city, Burgas can meet any requirements you have in the field of dentistry. But let us get to the main question – what about the price? You might be thinking that it can't be top quality while also being reasonably priced, right? Well, it can. 


4. Quality dental treatments at fair prices 

Burgas, and by extension the whole of Bulgaria, offers dental procedures that frequently cost less than half of what they do in the UK. A simple root canal can cost up to €500 in the UK with a private dentist, while the average price in Bulgaria is a mere €150. If you're looking to get your teeth whitened, why spend €460 – 580 when you can get the same treatment done for €230 – 300?  

It isn't just basic procedures that get such a price drop. You can expect over 50% off on veneers and implants, with prices ranging from €400 – 520 per porcelain veneer locally and €760 in the UK. And All-on-4 costs up to €16 000 in the UK, while in Burgas, the price would be closer to €9 000 with everything included. Discover our All-on-4 package for single jaw rehabilitation starting at €9 700, including accommodation, a tailored meal plan, a guided city tour, transfers and our in-destination unbeatable support.


5. Well-cultivated art world 

Burgas architecture

With all the work said and done, a dental holiday is what it is. You've already travelled to a new city, you've gotten dental care, and you're left with a sense of wonder just what else is there to do and see in this place? Well, fortunately for you, Burgas isn't just a bunch of world-class dental clinics stacked on top of each other. 

In a country like Bulgaria, already famous as a great tourism destination, Burgas is one of the hottest spots to visit for all ages. A patron city of arts and history, Burgas has both to offer in spades. If you are a fan of the performing arts, look no further than the Adriana Budevska Drama Theatre and the Burgas State Opera house, home of the Burgas Opera Choir and Philharmonic Society. If you fancy more visual arts instead, there's always the Burgas Art Gallery and the Burgas Society of Artists. 

6. Rich history and culture 

Art aside, there's still no shortage of things to do and see in Burgas. From cinemas to shops, and restaurants, to the three city museums – the Natural History Museum, the only one of its kind on the Southern Black Sea coast, which houses numerous displays of flora and fauna from the nearby Strandzha mountain, the Regional Historical Museum, packed with displays, and finds that tell the story of the region, and the Ethnographic museum, dedicated to showing the ritual practices and national holidays of the area. 

Wander the pathways and get an up-close look at the affectionately known as Burgas prettiest symbol, the cathedral “Saints Cyril and Methodius”. This church boasts the best of Italian architecture and design.

The cathedral

7. Awe-inspiring natural wonders

To slow down, you can take a walk through the streets or even along the edges and out of town to enjoy the views, which Burgas is sure to offer, while situated between Atanasovsko, Mandrensko and Burgas lakes, and standing just an hour's drive away from the Strandzha mountain range.

If you decide to visit in the summer, make sure to check out the Sea Garden, a marvellous seaside park spanning the length of four city districts, dotted with historical statues of famous Bulgarians, and packed with activities, including an Open-Air theatre and a summer Expo-Centre. It's no wonder Burgas has been voted "The best city to live in Bulgaria" four times since 2015. 

The Sea Garden

To experience a different side of dental tourism in a vibrant city, take the stress out of trip planning and smile confidently again, make Dentaround and Burgas your first choice. This city gem and our team have quite a lot to offer. Request your free preliminary treatment plan here.

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