What to seek out on your dental holiday in Varna

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From museums to iconic city beaches, there’s a reason why Varna is one of the most visited destinations in Bulgaria.

Thousands of travellers worldwide fly to Varna in search of sun, sand, and new experiences, every year. With its picturesque beaches, ancient history, and buzzing cultural life, a dental holiday to Varna promises unforgettable experiences and memories.

Prepare yourself to discover Varna’s great niches, like history, culture and architecture and a different range of museums, like the Puppet and Retro Museums.

Whether you know much or nothing about this charming coastal city, we've put together some of the best things you can experience while on your dental trip to Varna.

Intriguing museums are always in sight

You'd be surprised that Varna is packed with top-notch museums.

The Archaeological Museum, dating back to 1887, should be your first stop if you want to travel in history from the Paleolithic Age (100 000 years BC) to the Middle Ages (7th – 8th century). Located inside a former Girls' High School, the museum boasts an impressive square shape design in baroque style, featuring a charming open-air inner courtyard. 

Here, you will be inspired by the most significant exposition showcasing exhibits found in Varna's Eneolith Necropolis, home to the oldest gold treasure in the world.

In the 294 tombs, archaeologists found more than 3 000 golden objects with a mesmerising variety and a total weight of more than 6 kilograms, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Other must-sees in the Museum of Archaeology include the largest Mesolithic collection of flint tools in Southeast Europe, ancient terracotta and tombstone artefacts if you are intrigued by old things.

Nearby you'll find other museums also worth a visit.

The well-preserved open-air museum Roman Thermae is the biggest ancient building discovered in Bulgaria to date, spanning 7 000 sq. m and dating back to the end of the 2nd century AD.

The Roman Thermae
The Roman Thermae

Make your way to the Ethnographic Museum and dive deep into the culture and life of those who have lived in Varna's region from mid 19th to early 20th century.

Visit the Naval Museum, which houses some of the most important expositions of Bulgaria's maritime history to ramp up your naval skills.

The Puppet Museum is home to the fine art of puppetry, showing different techniques, styles, and trends applied in visual arts in Bulgaria from 1952 to 2002.

Pay a visit to the Retro Museum. With over 50 cars from the socialist era, including Volga, Moskvitch, Skoda, and Trabant, this museum has one of the most extensive collections representing the communist history of Bulgaria.

Moskvitch at the Retro Museum in Varna
Moskvitch at the Retro Museum

With such a range of unique museums, Varna is a great destination for curious dental travellers who think they’ve seen it all or when you need to cater to different tastes. Many of the museums are nestled in the heart of the city, easily accessed by walk. Explore the complete list of museums in Varna here.

Art and architecture are in bloom

Just when you thought Varna couldn’t get any more interesting, you stumble across its intricate architecture you’re bound to be amazed by.

There is plenty to see in Varna for those who love historical architecture, with prominent old-world structures nestled within the city’s heart like the "Dormition of the Mother of God" cathedral, the "Drama Theatre Stoyan Buchvarov", the Navy Club and the train station, to name a few.

The Dormition of the Mother of God Cathedral
The Dormition of the Mother of God Cathedral

The architectural heritage of Varna is a result of a myriad of talented architects that left their expertise and vision in the design of public and residential buildings around the city.

Nowadays, these authentic buildings are urban landmarks whose architectural merits contribute to the aristocratic spirit of central Varna.

Varna's unique architecture
Varna's unique architecture

Explore the best of Varna's ancient history and architecture with a local expert guide and a free walking tour in English run by the Tourist Office every Friday no matter the weather. 

Mother nature runs deep

Whether you're seeking to do sports, reconnect with nature, find thick shadows in the summer, have a mouth-watering meal or sense-boosting cocktail or gaze at the stars, Varna's spun-out public park, the Sea Garden, has everything for everyone.

This green heaven on earth spans 850 acres (approx. 3,439,828 sq. m) along the seaside coast. Now it is hard to imagine that just in the mid-19th century, the Sea Garden was an empty field outside the city skirts.

In 1862 a small garden was arranged on the orders of the city's Ottoman mayor, but it wasn't until 1881 that the park was expanded to 26,000 sq. m and further developed.

The Sea Garden owns its modern look to the Czech landscape architect Anton Novák, who was upskilled at the Schönbrunn and Belvedere palaces in Vienna. He came here on the invite of Karel Škorpil in 1894.

The Sea Garden
The Sea Garden

The lush green park is home to the Natural Science Museum, the Naval Museum, and the National Astronomical Observatory, and when we say that there's something for everyone, we mean it. Here, you'll find a swimming pool, a tennis court, an open-air theatre, a good mix of children's attractions, sun-gazing cafes, and places to curb your stomach’s cravings with menus boasting outstanding affordable meals, iconic live clubs and bars.

Follow the alleys and roll towards one of the city’s most iconic sights, the Seaport Lighthouse, to enjoy magnificent sunsets. Fill your camera with photos of the colourful mosaics portraying Saint Nicholas, the patron of sailors, fishermen, ships and sailing.

The Lighthouse of Varna
The Lighthouse


City beaches are abuzz

Unless you’ve travelled or lived in Varna, you might not know it’s a paradise for beach lovers, home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Bulgaria. We're not exaggerating.

You certainly won’t forget the 32 km long coastline with its mild and warm climate, featuring more than 22 beaches, many of which hold the Blue Flag certification granted by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).

A day spent wandering the beaches in and around Varna is enough to know there’s something extraordinary to find wherever you go, whether that’s the vast golden sands, picturesque areas or the quiet peacefulness of sunbathing in a national park.

Varna's Central Beach
Varna's Central Beach

From having your refreshing drink with your feet buried in the sands to walking along the shoreline listening to the waves, Varna beaches are an excellent place to relax, recharge, and sink in the beauty of mother nature.

And the best part is that you don't have to travel or walk much to get to the beach. Varna's central, south and northern beaches are located just beneath the Sea Garden. Not only do they have an abundance of green areas full of native flora and fauna, but they also have plenty of water and sports attractions to keep you entertained.

Discover a comprehensive list of Varna's beaches here.

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