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Dr Angelina Kiselova

Internationally recognized Dr Kiselova has the highest accolades – Doctor of Medical Sciences (DMedSc), DMD and PhD. She is a world-renowned lecturer, author and co-author of more than five monographs, seven student books and over two hundred scientific publications.

In 2004, Dr Kiselova received the 'Golden Panacea', awarded from the Medical University of Sofia for her contributions to education and research in dental medicine. Energy-brimming and innovative Dr Kiselova is also the founder of the Master's degree programme – 'Dental Clinical Allergology'.

Dr Kiselova is a chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Oral Medicine (BAOM), a member of the editorial board of the Central European Journal of Medicine, an honorary member of the Bulgarian Association of Oral Implantology, the Bulgarian Dental Association (BDA), the European Association of Oral Medicine.

To this day, Dr Kiselova is a treasured team member in Dental Center Abadzhievi, specializing in complex oral, focal and allergy diagnostics in the oral cavity, the maxillary, mandibular systems, the head and the neck.

Education and training

As a 1970 graduate from the Medical University of Sofia, Dr Kiselova receives her dental degree. Shortly after that, her academic career took her to Germany, where she continued a three-year speciality.

Dr Kiselova has five degrees, which she completed over thirty-three years. She is a Master of Therapeutic Dentistry, Tooth decay and Endodontics, Periodontology and Diseases of the Oral Mucosa, General Dentistry and Dental Clinical Allergology.

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