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Alexander Doychev

Alex graduated from the Medical University of Varna in 2015, starting his career as a dental technician soon after that. In 2017, he joined the dental center Abadzhievi's team, and, nowadays, he's the leading lab technician, designing beautiful, natural restorations for patients.

Alex specialises in fixed and removable implant-supported prosthetics, while he's also highly skilled at CAD/CAM, used to design and manufacture lasting solutions. Alex has experience with plastic, composite, metal-ceramic, Zirconium, E.max press and LiSi Press.

When not at the lab, Alex can be seen riding his motorbike across the country.

Education and training

After gaining a solid foundation at the Medical University of Varna, Alex takes on a two-year specialisation in one of the famous clinics on the northeast coast. He successfully qualified as a specialist in fixed and removable prosthetics over implants.

Well-experienced in CAD/CAM software solutions, he delivers anything from ceramic to polymer crowns, complex full-arch restorations, dentures, and removable temporary appliances in no time and with great precision. Alex is also fluent in English, adding another point to his résumé.


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