Does implant brand matter? Unbiased overview

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When you think of a dental implant, what comes to mind? We will bet it is an 'artificial titanium tooth' more than 'Nobel Biocare or Straumann'. We are here to convince you that the dental implant brand you choose matters for a few good reasons. 

Success rate

Regardless of the brand, large-scale studies have shown that the long-term survival rates of implants are between 93.3 and 98%. Other studies observed no differences in implant survival when comparing implant brands. 

When it comes to implant success rate, other factors come into play. A retrospective study on the factors affecting the survival rate of dental implants from 2017 shows that age, implant diameter, length, region, and bone quality determine the implant survival rate. A no less important factor is the skills and experience of your implantologist.

It is here where the training and expertise of your dentist come in as well as their understanding of your needs and expectations to choose the right dental implant for your case. 

Individual case

Ah, your needs. A reason like no other, especially in oral health. Sure your case might be like any other, but it can also be quite complex. Think bone density, tooth position and spacing.

The best way to understand what different brands offer is to know that dental implants differ in size, shape, material, surface and connection.

We won't get into details here, but for starters, the design and size of a dental implant come with different properties. Some dental implants are shorter, while others are narrow or thicker.

Every manufacturer has a range of dental implants best suited for particular clinical conditions. Some dental implants are loaded immediately, while others require time to osseointegrate or bond with the bone.

Some implants, known as mini implants, with a narrow diameter are indicated for where bone and space are limited. Implants ranging from 3.5 mm to 4.2 mm are placed in the front upper teeth, while the wider ones in diameter are ideal for replacing molars.

Your dentist may recommend a particular brand depending on the treatment protocol, the type of treatment you will get and where the implant is located inside the mouth.

The technical differences of dental implants bring a whole host of benefits you may not know as a patient. Plus, you may not necessarily understand how the implant design affects the treatment itself.

That is where your dentist comes in. With extensive expertise and experience in the field, your implantologist should make it easier for you to navigate whether the brand when it comes to the design matters in your case. 

Peace of mind

What are the questions you will ask when buying a particular car brand? Does it provide safety, is it stable, and is it reliable?

You shall ask the same questions when you think of dental implant brands. What matters here is whether the brand goes after innovation, clinical research and sustainability.

Innovation means that brands are committed to improving the quality of dental implant treatments for both implantologists and patients.

Innovative dental implant manufacturers invest significant resources into clinical trials to assure long-term quality, safety and predictability.

Clinical study and innovation go hand in hand regarding development, manufacturing, and dental implant testing. Clinical results must be reviewed and published in an international scientific journal to prove their credibility.

The National Library of Medicine is a great starting point where you can see the times an implant brand has been cited in biomedical literature and get an idea about its commitment to documented scientific evidence of its performance.

Concerning sustainability, you want to be sure that the dental implant manufacturer will be on the market 10 or 20 years from now. Keep in mind that your needs will evolve with time when selecting a dental implant brand.

What if you need to add more implants or change your prosthesis, and the brand is out of the market? Your implantologist will face the challenge of finding a compatible implant or implant connection for your prosthesis, which might not be the best-case scenario.

A popular and well-established brand is a must if you are getting your dental implants abroad. Why? Simply because you may not be able to travel to your implantologist, and you may need to visit your local dentist.

In this case, a widely used implant brand will make it easier for you and your local dentist to find the same brand if they are not already using it, and it will also give you a wider choice of fitting abutments and prosthetics when needing to change a part.

Which dental implants do dentists in Bulgaria trust?

Dentists tend to have one, two or three brands in their practice. Why is that? Every dental implant brand has its surgical and technical specifications, instrument kits and protocols, requiring specific training.

Therefore, implantologist trust the implant brands they are trained for and have the most experience with to perform exact dental implant treatments.

Dentists in Bulgaria have access to the global one-stop-shop markets for dental implants, prostheses and materials, offering their patients implant systems with proven quality and long-term performance.

We have a vetted selection of experts with plenty of experience in implantology who are thoroughly trained to implement the implant brands StraumannNobel BiocareHiossenOSSTEMAlpha-Bio TechZimmerBIOTECH and Ufit.


Which implant brand is best?

In 2021, iData Research analysed over 70 dental implant manufacturers based on different factors, concluding that the top brand in Europe is Straumann, followed by Dentsply Sirona (previously Astra Tech) and Envista (Nobel Biocare). 

If you do the research, you will see that Hiossen, Zimmer Biomet, OSSTEM & Alpha-Bio Tech are among the top ten dental implant brands. 

How do I choose the best dental implant?

The decision of which dental implant you choose at the end should be between you and your dentist based on your clinical case, dental needs and price preferences if this is a question for you.

However, you don't have to have expert knowledge or years of experience in implantology to do your homework. We suggest looking at how long the implant manufacturer has been in business and their commitment to clinical studies, guarantees and innovation.

Whether you are a novice in dental implants or a seasoned pro, our experienced implantologists are on hand to help you navigate through this process as seamlessly and safely as possible. 

From guiding you to the available options to helping you choose the best dental implant brand for your case, Dentaround trusted implantologists are here to help you make an informed decision.

Learn more about what dental implant treatments our trusted clinics offer and view our full range of dental implant packages here.

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